What is credit without proof?

An unsupported credit is a type of consumer credit for which you do not need to justify your expenses. Whatever your project (eg the purchase of a car, equipment, Harlequinment of work, a trip, a wedding …), you do not have to provide proof of purchase to the bank or credit institution granting you a loan without proof. So you can use the funds available as you see fit.

The unsupported credit opposes the credit allocated. With an assigned loan, the funds allocated to you are reserved for a specific purchase, at a specific expense listed in the loan agreement. There are different types of credits allocated: auto credit, motorcycle credit, credit work for example.

The conditions of the credit consolidation without justification

credit consolidation

A credit without proof is consumer credit. Thus, the amount granted can go up to 75 000 €. Precisely because it is “unsupported”, this type of credit can be obtained for any project or expense, or even just to have cash available.

Who can subscribe a consolidated credit without proof?

Anyone of full age can apply for credit without proof. However, obtaining a loan without proof is not automatic. It depends in particular on your profile, your income, and your financial situation. To qualify for a personal loan without proof, the bank or credit institution you choose assesses your borrowing capacity and repayment capacity.

Types of credit without proof

There are two types of credit without proof:

  • Renewable loans: with this type of loan, you have a reserve of money, in which you can draw without proof, in one or more times. The available credit is reconstituted as and when you repay and you pay interest on the amount of money used. It is also called permanent credit or revolving credit.
  • Personal loans: with this type of loan, the sum of the loan is made available to you at once, quickly after the signature of the offer.

It is not necessary to have a personal contribution to obtain credit without justification. Depending on the terms of the contracts, it is also possible to repay the credit (full or partial) if the situation lends itself!

The advantages of the loan without justification

The unsupported consumer loan is primarily chosen by many households for its flexibility of use. With unsupported credit, no need to justify your expenses and purchases: this means that you can use the loan money for any type of expense and carry out any type of project, without having to account and in the respect for your privacy.

Another advantage of credit without proof: you have access to the loan money 24 hours a day. You are free to use the funds whenever you want.

The disadvantages of credit without justification

The disadvantages of credit without justification

The main disadvantage of the loan without justification is the lack of security. Once the offer of credit without a signed credential and the withdrawal period of 14 days passed, it is impossible to go back and cancel. This is one of the differences with the assigned credit, which can be interrupted in the event that a problem occurs with the project. For example, a car not delivered as part of a car loan, non-compliant work as part of a work loan …

Another disadvantage of unsupported loans is that lending rates are typically a bit higher than for other types of credit, such as the credit affected.

Get credit without proof

Get credit without proof

Be careful not to misunderstand: a credit without proof is a credit for which you do not have to justify your expenses. On the other hand, it is not a credit that you can obtain without providing supporting documents! As with any consumer loan, obtaining your consumer credit without proof is subject to the agreement of a bank or credit institution. Before giving you their answer, financial institutions must study your file to assess your creditworthiness.

Loan without proof: the documents to provide

To apply for a loan without proof, do not forget to provide the bank or credit institution with:

  • A photocopy of your double-sided ID;
  • A proof of residence of less than 3 months (water, electricity, gas, telephony bill …);
  • Your last 3 payslips, if you are an employee;
  • Your last tax notice, if you are not an employee;
  • Your RIB (bank account statement);
  • Proof of your credits or investments in progress if you have any.

Compare to find a cheap credit without proof

Looking for credit without a cheap proof? The best solution to achieve this is to use a consumer credit comparator! It’s easy: you fill in some simple information about your profile, your financial situation, and your project, that is to say on the loan without proof that you would like to obtain.

Thanks to the credit simulation consolidation, you can access in a few minutes the loan quotes without proof the most suitable for you! All you have to do is select the best offer and apply for a fast credit without proof.

How to compare consolidation loans without proof?

Once on the quote page, take into account all these elements to make your choice:

  • The annual percentage rate of charge (or APR, this is the rate of interest of the credit consolidation);
  • The type of credit rate: is it a fixed rate? a variable rate? ;
  • The duration of the loan;
  • The number of deadlines and their periodicity;
  • The possibility of making an early repayment and under what conditions.

Precautions to take before opening a credit without proof


An unsupported credit is, like any consumer loan, a commitment over time. By signing your loan offer, you agree to a bank or credit institution. It is therefore important to be aware of your responsibility before signing and to be sure that your Harlequins will allow you to do so.